PowerPivot drillthrough in Denali CTP3

One of the subtle changes made to PowerPivot with Denali is that it now supports drill-through actions in Excel. In SQL Server 2008 R2 PowerPivot we get the following message:

In Denali PowerPivot supports drill-trough in Pivottables. Let’s say I have the following Pivottable where I want to see the underlying rows of data that make up this sum of salesamount:

I can double click on the measure and it will open a new sheet in Excel that shows you the underlying rows of data in the fact table:

Notice that the rows are filtered by the values that combine the measure that we clicked on.

By default the drill-through will return only the first 1000 rows, but this is configurable in the connection, go to Excel, Data, Connections:

Select the PowerPivot Data connection, this is the connection that is made to the in memory, internal SSAS engine that runs inside PowerPivot.

Press properties:

In this dialog you can change the number or records you want to retrieve in the Drill through.