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Updated theme

I updated the theme of my blog after 4 years. I like the clean looks of the style formerly known as metro. Let me know what you think or have any comments! Kasper


NBA team spending and their results with Excel, PowerPivot and Data Explorer

Ok truth be told I am a big time Lakers fan and this season is a big disappointment for me, one of the things that irks me is that the Lakers are being paid the most of all the teams in NBA but lack the results. In this blog post I am going to compare […]


What is eating up my memory the PowerPivot / Excel edition

A common question asked is what columns in my model are using the most memory. Earlier I created a workbook that was able to get the memory for a Tabular server which you can download here but that didn’t work with an embedded Excel Data model or PowerPivot workbook. But I recently found a new way that would […]


Using Traditional SSRS parameterized reports against a Analysis Services Tabular model using DAX

I get this question every now and then: Is it possible to create a traditional SSRS report with parameters against a tabular model using DAX. Marco already created a great blog post that sums it all up here, but I decided to create a step by step example.


Filtering results to only show top x results in Power View chart

  A question came up recently on how can I limit the number of elements on a chart in Power View by a custom calculation. Imagine you have a chart in Power View with too many data points to make anything out and you want to filter out the “noise”. Just give me the most […]


Hardware Sizing a Analysis Services Tabular Database

I just quickly wanted to point out that that there is now a whitepaper available on “Hardware Sizing a Tabular Solution” You can download it here:


PowerPivot Use Case: Getting the active products between a date range using DAX

I have been getting this question a few times in the last week, e.g. in my ask a questions page here, on how we can get the number of active products between two time intervals in Excel. Lets answer the question on my ask a questions page in todays blog post. The question was: DESIRED […]


Excel 2013, Power View, top 10, “long tail” and how DAX helps

Another post that I did on another blog, this time Robs blog, was the blog post below: Ok its been a while since I blogged an actual scenario on PowerPivotPro but here is another one   . Its that time at the end of the year and folks here at Microsoft are out enjoying their vacation […]