Using multiple enterprise gateways to the same data source

Sometimes you want to be able to offload work for one of your Power BI Gateways as you might have many users who are building reports that need refreshing or are connecting live to the same data source, all of this is going over the same gateway machine, with the same CPU and bandwidth. It… Read More »

Show only the sales for the last 12 months

Recently I was helping someone on the Power BI community who wanted to only see the sales for the last 12 months in his chart, nothing more. Well this is pretty simple using DAX and I decided to use variables as well. The key here is to think about what you really want and see… Read More »

Bidirectional cross-filtering whitepaper

Bidirectional cross-filtering is a new feature for SQL Server 2016 Analysis Services and Power BI Desktop that allows modelers to determine how they want filters to flow for data using relationships between tables. In SQL Server 2014, filter context of a table is based on the values in a related table. With bidirectional cross-filtering the… Read More »

New role, new location

Recently I started at a new role in the Microsoft BI team as part of the customer engagement team, while it is still part of the larger BI product team at Microsoft it is no longer a active product development role. I loved working on amazing products like PowerPivot, SSAS Tabular, Power BI content packs and… Read More »

Tabular translator for SQL Server 2016 on github

With the just released CTP 3.3 for SQL Server 2016 Analysis Service we can now provide translations to your Tabular models. As you might have seen in the blog post you can export a file from SSDT that can be used to translate the model. But often you want to give this file to someone… Read More »

Just moved my blog to Project Nami (Azure WordPress using SQL Azure)

I was finally fed up with the default Azure wordpress set up that uses a MYSQL database so I decided to switch to Project Nami. This is an open source spin off (fork) of  WordPress  that completly rewrote the data access layer to use SQL. Very cool. To get started just go here and… Read More »

Dynamic format using DAX

Just a quick blog post today. Someone had a scenario where they wanted to have a different number of decimal points based  on the items on the rows. Initially they wanted to go with a calculated column but it is much easier to do this using the FORMAT function in DAX. Using the FORMAT function… Read More »

DAX now has variable support!

With the latest release of the Power BI designer that now supports measure creation we also snuck in another feature that is very useful in complicated measure scenario’s and for performance optimizations. DAX now supports variables. Lets take a look at what that means.

New version of the Power BI designer now supports DAX

As most of you probably have seen or heard, the Power BI designer now supports some of the Power Pivot features like DAX and renaming columns, formatting etc. Some of the features: Formula bar: Using the new formula bar in the Report view you can create measures by writing formulas in the DAX language. The… Read More »